My (not so) Blind Bag
Get past month's bags while supplies last. Remember! Colors, flavors and scents will will vary. We love to surprise you!

July's Bag: Flip the Script
$ 22.50
Get it? Flip…because we sent you folding flip flops. We’re ready for the Summer daze and to reconnect. We thought it would be fun to include a pre-stamped postcard to make it easy for you to reach out to a friend. So, go on and write them a little note with your new snarky pens and soak up that summer sun! Ahhh it's feel so good. 

P.S. Don't toss the bow! That's a tie for your hair!
June's Bag: Finding Joy in Unexpected Places
$ 22.50
Things aren't always as they seem. We have been trying to focus on the good bits of each day and have found them in the most unexpected places. Twist the bottom of the battery* for your hidden surprise, a beautiful bracelet from Salty Cali Girl. May your days be bursting with unexpected joys.  

*Use this battery as a discrete portable container to store and hide your money, jewelry or valuables.

May's Bag: Keepin' It Fresh
$ 22.50

How about a fresh start? We packed this bag full of things to help you get back on track. There's a pad to help with meal prep, a power snack and some super fresh ways to wash your produce including a reusable produce bag and a Sea Witch Botanicals produce wash bar. Have your cake but eat your veggies too. 

April's Bag: The Quarantine Care Package
$ 22.50

Since most of us are hunkered down at home we wanted to send some items that will occupy your time but also make you feel good. With salons and restaurants shut down across the country, what better time to pamper ourselves with an at-home manicure and a brush up on makeup techniques? We don’t know about you but we can’t stop snacking! These Legally Addictive cookies certainly satisfied our sweet tooth too! Hopefully we can put together a fitness related bag in the coming months for you. (Wink, wink.) 

Supplies are limited. 

Build a Blind Bag
Get items from past month's bags while supplies last. Remember! Colors, flavors and scents will will vary. We love to surprise you!

Deco Miami Luxe Nail Lacquer: Champagne Mami 14.8 ml
$ 12.00

Featured in the April My Blind Bag and on POPSUGAR's roundup of 10 best rose gold nail polishes. this metallic rose gold lacquer is opaque in two coats. 



Blue Light Blocking Glasses
$ 14.99

The harmful, artificial blue lights from computers, phones and tablet screens are unavoidable but these super trendy Blue Light Blocking glasses will help protect your precious peepers. Colors and styles will vary. 

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My Blind Bag is the perfect way for women to treat themselves to a surprise gift. Each month we curate a collection of thoughtful and useful gifts that you didn’t even know you needed. It’s the kind of gift that’s so good you want to get one for your best friend too. It’s a monthly no guilt experience for you to enjoy, while not breaking the bank.  While the value of what you receive in My Blind Bag will always exceed what you have paid, the true value lies in experiencing the delight of unwrapping a surprise gift, hand picked just for you.

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