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Word on the Street...

  • Josette C.

    I was so excited to get My Blind Bag! It was sooo nice to get something special for me in the mail! And to top it off, I love what I received! Can't wait to get next month's! Thank you, ladies!

  • Katie S.

    Totally obsessed! If you haven't subscribed get on board before you miss out!

  • Georgia K.

    Awesome first bag! After a hard week emotionally, I needed a pick me up. This came just in time...Jill and Melissa are bringing smiles to lots of faces.

  • Natasha F.

    I was just DELIGHTED by this mystery gift to me from me through this fun, subscription service. The whole experience is delightful from the hot pink shaking it with giddy childlike anticipation trying to guess what might be inside...It's like having a bestie put together a care package for you just cause they love ya...we women are pulled in so many directions and to have this little bright spot in the beginning of the month is like a moment of Ahhhhh!

  • Mike C.

    My girlfriend loves it! She says everything in it is useful, fun and smart which basically makes me all of those things for getting it for her.

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Hi! I'm Karen.


I'm Jill and Melissa's Virtual Assistant! As you can see, I'm a great multi-tasker and eager to help you with anything you need! Click here and let me answer any questions you have through Messenger.


P.S. I'm not really sure what we do around here, but I do know that they are super happy that you are here and can't wait to share all the goodness that is My Blind Bag with you!